Partnering at Every Connection

Ritter provides reliable, scalable, proven wholesale solutions. We partner with businesses to offer industry-leading network strategies that enable you to extend your footprint, strengthen your network, maximize profitability and meet new business challenges.

Ethernet Services

Transforming the access technology landscape, Ethernet connects networks of customers in a variety of ways including but not limited to VoIP support, IP access and intranet connectivity. This high-speed, flexible and cost effective solution provides your customers with the ability to accommodate a wide range of business solutions with a secure gateway to the internet and your VPN. Our Ethernet solutions will easily fit into your network for an overall quality performance.

Ritter’s EPL, or point-to-point (P2P) service, meets the demand of bandwidth intensive applications with flexible and scalable point-to-point configurations delivering high-capacity Ethernet connections between two sites.

Our EVPL multi-point/multi-location service works to establish an Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) and supports Multiplexed User Network Interfaces (UNI), which allows a single physical connection to control numerous virtual connections for operating multiple, independent business networks between your locations.

Plus, Ritter’s Long-Haul Transport service provides a connection between sites that are too far to be connected by standard metro services. Often these connections go from one metro area to another and are used for very high-bandwidth connections in our carrier-to-carrier connections.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Ritter’s Ethernet Access (E-Access) offers a fully scalable network with low latency, low jitter and high QoS to meet your transport needs. Our network expansion architecture offers both protected and route redundant solutions to fit your needs along with UNI and ENNI connection points.

Wave Transport

In order to provide top-of-the-line service to our customers, Ritter offers a dependable transport solution to deliver the flexibility and reliability needed for backhaul infrastructures to accommodate the increasing demands for network bandwidth. Our unique fiber routes deliver a cost-effective alternative for increasing capacity and raising the overall quality of service.

Ritter’s backhaul solutions offer high capacity connectivity to create national networks, market expansion availability to fill gaps in current networks and provide troubleshooting options for diversity solutions and long-haul networks.

  • 2.5G to 100G Standard Optic (Wave) services
  • Ultra-low latency
  • SLA availability

Fiber To The Tower (FTTT)

In the era of smart technology and equipment, bandwidth availability is critical as users continue to demand high performing data transmission to accommodate daily activities. In response to the growing demands for data, video and voice traffic, Ritter’s Fiber To The Tower (FTTT) solutions for wireless networks will ensure all of your current and future bandwidth needs are met.  We leverage our executive team’s 40-plus years of wireless communications experience to deliver the ideal FTTT solution for your company. 

Ritter’s FTTT solution features seamless service from the tower to your Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO) with both protected and route redundant solutions.

  • Tower to MTSO Transport
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Unique fiber routes

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Dedicated Internet Access from Ritter Communications is the perfect solution for maximum performance for your enterprise business. Dedicated Internet Access connections are scalable to meet the speed requirements of any business and provide unmatched, full-duplex performance that renders the same transfer speed whether you are downloading or uploading. Dedicated Internet Access connections are backed by a Ritter Communications Service Level Agreement showing our commitment to delivering only the highest in performance levels with connectivity provisioned directly through to our core.

Dedicated Internet connections are perfect for businesses supporting multiple locations, hosting servers, hosting applications with remote access off-network, businesses needing numerous public IP addresses for various servers and network elements, and for businesses that need the ultimate in network performance (such as latency of less than 30ms) backed by a Ritter Communications Service Level Agreement.

  • Diverse 10G connections to multiple IP providers
  • SLA availability
  • Ultra-low latency


Maximize existing technology investments and avoid capital investment expenditures with Ritter’s highly reliable, secure, enterprise-class colocation services. Our fully redundant centers are supported by a 24/7/365 Network Operations Center, advanced security and monitoring systems, sophisticated fire suppression systems and redundant utility transformers, generators, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS's), main switch panels, UPS's and PDU's - all backed up by industry-leading SLA's.

Carriers establishing interconnection facilities benefit from a carrier-neutral colocation environment that ensures maximum connectivity, unparalleled speed to market, and impressive cost savings.

  • Fully redundant AC and DC power provided by uninterrupted power supplies and backup generators
  • N+1 redundancy on all HVAC systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • 24/7/365 facility management, monitoring, and video surveillance
  • Electronic key card access