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Wholesale Solutions

Wholesale Communication Solutions


We provide customized wholesale communications solutions supported by a regional optical network that includes more than 3,400+ miles of fiber. Our wholesale  communications offerings include Ethernet Services, Wave Transport, Fiber to the Tower (FTT) and Colocation. 

Ritter Communications provides resilient, secure, dependable network connectivity on our state-of-the-art MEF Certified fiber backbone, allowing multiple options to directly connect with more than 10 regional hubs and 17 national hubs, including carrier hotels in Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Little Rock and others. Additionally, we provide Fiber to the Tower for cellular carriers and long haul transport fiber to other carriers and entities. Our fiber connectivity spans across 4 states in network and 11 states out of network, which allows us to have connectivity to Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas and Louisiana.

The Ritter Communications executive team boasts more than 40 years of wireless communications experience, and we leverage their expertise to deliver extensive wholesale solutions. With Ritter's unique combination of experience, geographic coverage, ease of connectivity and reliable, high-quality bandwidth, you can route across our network with confidence at prices that offer a considerable competitive advantage.


Ritter Communications On Net and Off Net Network Map
Turnkey Solutions for Connectivity


  • EVPL multi-point/multi-location 10M to 100G
  • EPL or P2P - 10M to 100G
  • Wave 10G and 100G
  • Dedicated Internet or DIA 1M to 100G
  • Fiber to the Tower
  • Colocation Space
  • Dark Fiber


Ritter Communications has been connecting businesses in this region for more than 100 years. We offer a level of technology that is typically only found in major metropolitan areas. Our carrier-grade network is certified at the highest levels for security and dependability. We are dedicated to providing a unique customer service experience that you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.

Wholesale Sales Representatives

David Warhurst

David Warhurst

Carrier Sales

2400 Ritter Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401

Jeff Flowers

Jeff Flowers

VP of
Carrier & Wholesale

2400 Ritter Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401

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