Managed Voice: Call Recording


  • Available for all Managed Voice customers. 
  • The automatic call recorder is for all incoming and outgoing calls on designated phone lines. 
  • Designated calls are routed to the hosted Call Recording Server on demand for secure retrieval and management. 
  • Recordings and reports are accessible from anywhere, with an internet connection.
  • The secure storage server complies with all industry-leading security and compliance standards including PCI DSS (Global), ISO 9001(Global), HIPAA (USA), CPNI (USA), SAS-70 (USA). 
  • Multiple options for storage available. 
  • You have the ability to punch-in and punch-out, meaning the agent recording the call may start and stop recording where privacy laws dictate confidentiality.
  • All call audio is encrypted for additional security. 
  • Laws concerning the recording of calls vary from state to state, so each user will need to be familiar with the privacy laws where the calls originate and terminate.


Call Recorder Playback Window

Recordings are available on the secure online interface immediately after call termination.

Automatic Call Recorder Dashboard

The online dashboard is the heart of the Call Recording service. It gives you the ability to run reports, listen to calls, create alerts, and manage your staff and their calls.

Recordings tab

The Call Recorder tab displays the recorded calls, call data, and more. From this interface, you can listen to calls and make notes or categorize them, as well as delete, download, or export them.

Reports tab

The Reports interface is a powerful tool for tracking employee engagement. You can view standard reports by phone number, employee, redirection, date/time, duration, and category. Each Reports interface features relevant filter criteria based on the type of report you are running, with the option to view as a chart and export data.