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We encourage our customers to take safety as a priority. Federal laws have been passed to improve emergency response processes.

Kari’s Law ensures end-users have the ability to make 911 calls in enterprise environments while Ray Baum's Act ensures users understand that accurate location information needs to be provided to public safety operators immediately upon making a 911 call.

We encourage our customers to take the below actions.

Actions Required By Our Business Phone Customers

1) Designate Your Organization's Emergency Contact

After the form on this page is submitted, a Ritter Communications representative will call the person whose information is provided and ask some additional questions to start the provisioning process, which is unique to each customer. If someone dials 911 using your organization's Ritter Communications phone system, the emergency contact you designate will receive a notification in the form of 1) a phone system screen message, 2) text message, 3) email or 4) phone call. The notification option depends on the type of phone system you have and the capabilities it allows. At the end of the provisioning process, you will receive a notice which we request be signed and delivered back to us to show proof an emergency contact person has been established for your business.

2) Test Your Ritter Communications Phone System

Using your Ritter provided business phone, dial 911 to see if the call goes through successfully. If the call goes through, simply notify the person who answers that you are testing your organization's phone system to be compliant with Kari's Law and to ensure your call goes through to the emergency service. If the call does not go through, please notify your dedicated Ritter Communications account representative so we can ensure your phone system does not require you to press 9, 8 or any other number before 911 and to allow direct dialing of 911 from your multi-line telephone system. Many phone systems are already in compliance for direct dialing of 911, but we suggest testing your system to verify this. While on your test call with 911, verify the address they have for that phone’s location. Place test calls to 911 from every physical address your Ritter Communications phones are utilized. If any of your business locations are inaccurate with the 911 database, please notify your Ritter Communications account representative so we can correct this on your behalf. In our commitment of being Right by You, our goal is to take our best effort to ensure our customers have the correct information on file with 911 emergency services in the unfortunate instance they may need to be used. Thank you for taking time to follow these best practices.

3) Place Necessary Display Information Near All VoIP Receivers And Devices.

Below we have provided several sizes of downloadable PDF documents you and your employees can print off at your office and place around and near all your business phones to be sure users are aware of this information, in the unfortunate case that they have to dial 911.

4) Read The Kari's Law & Ray Baum Act Notices

Full notice disclosures can be found on our Terms, Policies and Legal page here. Below is a direct link to the notice for easy access.

Who At Your Organization Should We Contact And Designate As Your Emergency Contact?