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Cloud PBX Phone Solutions


Private branch exchange (PBX) systems have grown in popularity among small businesses, and for good reason. Cloud PBX phone systems enable communication both within and outside your organization, don’t require new hardware or software, update automatically and are self-hosted — saving your business money and keeping your employees connected no matter where they work.


Cloud PBX is a self-service, plug-and-play phone system that does not require a traditional phone line for access. Our Cloud PBX phones are pre-programmed to your specifications and once you’re connected, the phone takes care of the setup, giving you the ability to make a call within 5 minutes — no additional programming required. It’s that easy.


It’s time to make your small business feel like an enterprise. Our Cloud PBX phones include the powerful tools you need to stay competitive in today’s environment, and you’re in charge from the get-go. With unified communication capabilities, our Cloud PBX phones help keep your business life separate from your personal life no matter which device you’re using.


Choose your features
We’ll help you plan your call routing options and button assignments. Each phone can be customized with directory listings, call-forwarding options, distinctive ringers and more.


Minimal investment
Enjoy all of our advanced features with no big up-front investment in hardware, software or installation fees. Upgrades and updates are always included, there are no hidden costs.


Low maintenance
Cloud PBX phones are self-hosted, meaning you don’t need to rely on techs to install them or perform updates/upgrades — they’re simply pushed to each phone via internet connection.


CommPortal User Guide


Improved productivity
Advanced mobility features and web management ensure you never miss a call, no matter where you or your employees are. Cloud PBX can be used on any mobile device.


Increased flexibility
All you need is an internet connection to manage your contacts, track calls and messages, move calls to another device, send instant messages, make and receive calls, video calls and more. You can even take calls through your vehicle’s audio system when you’re on the move.


Business continuity
If you lose power or internet connection, Cloud PBX calls can be easily re-routed, reducing downtime and keeping you in business.


Customer support
Cloud PBX user portals let you make changes to buttons or features on the fly — no site visit required. Should you still need us, we’re here to help 24/7.


AdminPortal User Guide

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