Disaster Recovery as a Cloud Service

What is Disaster

No one wants to think about disasters, but it’s best to be prepared when they inevitably happen. Disasters, whether natural or manmade, typically result in downtime and even revenue loss — but they don’t have to. Our data backup and disaster recovery services on the cloud start with a comprehensive assessment of servers and data sources, so we can tailor your solution to your cloud and maintain business continuity.


How Does Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Work?

With a multi-layer disaster recovery implementation, we can detect and respond to issues before they disrupt network service, damage data or impact data center performance. When you partner with Ritter, we do all the heavy lifting. We poll the frequency of your backups and determine the retention period of your most important data and assets based on any compliance standards you need to fulfill.

Our main goal is to meet all of your recovery objectives so you can get up-and-running in a timely manner. We anticipate manmade attacks, such as malware, phishing and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, and we prepare for severe weather by preparing redundant power, servers and entire data centers.

With one copy of your data in a Ritter cloud server off-site, you can be sure your valued data will be secure and available when a crisis occurs or equipment fails.

Features & benefits

Backup Service

Intelligent data management for a variety of workloads including VMware,
Microsoft Hyper-V and physical servers and workstations. Using Veeam Backup Services, you can replicate backups in a secondary data center or on-premises.

Replication Service

Data replication and recovery of virtual servers and machines, plus business applications such as Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle. We extend our solution to the network, ensuring that inbound and user and application traffic is recoverable during disaster recovery drills or an actual disaster.

Faster Recovery Time Objectives

With Ritter internet access, we’re able to use our fiber-optic network to provide quicker data recovery.

Meet Compliance Standards

Some companies are required to keep data for a set amount of time, which can be hard without a backup. Ritter can provide that storage and help you meet data retention requirements.


We have been on Ritter for three months now and love it. Phone service works great and my internet service went from 6Mb to 100Mb. We couldn't do anything on the internet before making the switch. The transition went very smooth. We kept the same phone numbers. Great communication from Ritter. No problems. Would highly recommend Ritter Communications for your phone and internet service.

DANNY BENNETTAudio Express of Searcy

I wanted to say thank you for a great installation. Everything went great and support has been on point.


Ritter Communications has provided VoIP services for the schools in Tipton County for the last three years.  From an enterprise perspective, Ritter has always provided prompt, extremely professional, and courteous customer service, all at cost savings that have helped us deliver more reliable services to our schools.

MARTY BECTONTechnology Supervisor, Tipton County Schools

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