Hybrid Cloud and Colocation Services

Multiple possibilities for private Cloud implementation


We provide options that allow you to take advantage of the best Cloud environment for various business processes. You can host select applications and data on the hardware you own located in Ritter’s data center. You also can take advantage of the cost savings that come from using shared infrastructure. Either way, you’ll never need to worry about latency, since our data center is local and accessed over our carrier-grade fiber optic network.


We employ the Cisco Cloud Architecture for the Microsoft Cloud Platform to enable hybrid capabilities within our data center. That approach includes the ability to configure and manage your Cloud through a self-service portal and automate resources as desired. And best of all, it’s still a private Cloud that we’ve developed together.



There are times when you need your own servers but don’t want the expense of redundant power, internet, HVAC or security. Hybrid Cloud & Colocation Services by Ritter Communications gives the flexibility to use our secure environment to host your equipment and still have access to it when necessary.

Network Services

We connect you to your Cloud through 100 Mbps network access and routing via Cisco ASA or Palo Alto firewalls. Geo-diverse network circuits establish resiliency, and performance is assured with 24/7/365 monitoring and management from the Ritter Cloud Solutions Network Operations Center (NOC).

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