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RitterBusiness Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Services

Creating resiliency and peace of mind


We agree, “disaster recovery” sounds ominous. When we work through the details of our Disaster Recovery Service offering with you, it will be a lot less scary. It starts with a comprehensive assessment of servers and data sources requiring replication and managed recovery, so we can tailor your solution to your Cloud.


With a multi-layer disaster recovery implementation, we can detect and respond to issues before they disrupt network service, damage data or impact data center performance. We anticipate man-made attacks like malware. And we prepare for severe weather with redundant power, servers and entire data centers.


Backup Service

Intelligent data management for a variety of workloads including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V as well as physical servers and workstations. Using Veeam Backup Services, you can replicate back-ups in a secondary data center or on-premises.

Replication Service

Data replication and recovery of virtual servers and virtual machines plus business applications such as Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle. Of course, we extend our solution to the network, ensuring that inbound as well as user and application traffic is recoverable during DR drills or an actual disaster.

RitterBusiness Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen. Everyday. Ritter Communications can give you the tools to make sure your business can survive when crisis strikes. Just like you insure the physical assets of your business, you also need to protect your intellectual assets using our backup and replication services.

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