Managed Voice

For a fraction of the cost of traditional business phone systems, Managed Voice lets you choose the phones and features you want, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. And, we manage all the upgrades plus provide 24/7 support.


You simply pay a flat rate per phone per month and that’s it.

It’s Better.

Pick & Choose Features
With Managed Voice, you customize your business system and even customize individual phones with any or all of the most popular features.


Top-of-the-Line Equipment
Operator stations maximize functionality and system visibility, and Managed Voice is backed by Cisco switches on the multi-million dollar, carrier-grade Ritter Voice Network.


Never Worry about Upgrades
We perform constant upgrade checks on your system’s software and firmware and install upgrades as they become available without service interruption on your system.


Your System Stays Current
With Managed Voice, Ritter keeps up with service upgrades and new system enhancements, typically at little or no cost to your business.


Plug and Play Portability
Need to move a phone? With Managed Voice it’s simple: any phone can be plugged in to any approved port provisioned by Ritter.


24/7 Support
(If you ever need it) Many phone settings can be adjusted in an instant without calling tech support, especially since you get access to our online portals featuring management tools for your system.

And, more affordable.

Lower Your Capital Costs

With Managed Voice, we bear the cost of the equipment, and all you pay for is usage.


Budgeting is a Breeze

Because Managed Voice monthly fees are calculated on a per-phone basis, expenses are easy to predict and control. Simply multiply the number of phones by the monthly fee.


No More Maintenance Fees

As owner of the equipment, Ritter assumes responsibility for the costs associated with system maintenance and software updates.

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