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What is the DMCA?
The DMCA is a United States copyright law passed in 1998 enacted to handle issues of copyright infringement during the digital age.
How are copyright holders protected by the DMCA?
The DMCA created processes for copyright holders’ rights to be upheld and protected. For example, takedown notices are sent to those in violation of copyright laws.
What is a DMCA Notice?
A DMCA Notice is a form of communication sent to inform you that Ritter Communications has received notification that you have infringed upon one or more copyrights.
What does a DMCA Notice from Ritter Communications look like?


An example of a Ritter Communications DMCA notice


Why did I receive a DMCA Notice?

If you receive a DMCA Notice, it means Ritter Communications has been notified of a violation of copyright policies by someone using the service through your account.

It is important to note that if you are a subscriber to the service, you are responsible for any misuse of the service by anyone using it through your account, even if a friend, family member, guest, or other person committed the inappropriate activity with access to your account. A violation of these policies by someone using the service through you or your account will be considered a violation by you, whether or not with your knowledge or consent.

I knew nothing about this, what should I do now?
Tighten your network and block certain kinds of traffic. Consult your IT department if you have one. If not, consider a third-party IT company.
We have guest Wi-Fi, could it be our guests?
Yes, it could be guests. We recommend tightening up your network by blocking certain kinds of traffic and/or changing your Wi-Fi password. For more information, consult your IT department or a third-party IT service provider.
Can Ritter Communications provide details of the infringement?
Yes, we can provide more details via email such as what was downloaded, when it was downloaded, etc.
Can Ritter Communications block websites for me, so this doesn’t happen again?
No. Ritter Communications does not provide web filtering as part of our internet service.
Is the DMCA Notice referring to Netflix, Disney+, or other valid streaming accounts?
No, these are acceptable subscriptions that you are paying for and have the right to use.