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The latest generation now reaching its early thirties—which means prime consumer age—is the Millennials. Born from 1981 to the mid-1990s, this generation grew up with advanced technology. From mobile phones and social media to online reviews and streaming video, Millennials are masters of the digital age making the most of high speed Internet.

The first step to reaching these customers is knowing their habits and perspectives—that’s how your business can best get in front of them at the right time and at the right place.

They move fast.

Millennials live in the real-time moment on their smart phones. Not only do they search quickly, make decisions in a flash and purchase immediately, but they don’t like to wait—on pages to load, documents to download or videos to stream. They’re broadband biased; they want their stuff online, when they want it. In fact, they’re a big reason mobile phone usage drives over 50% of all ecommerce traffic today. So if you’re not mobile friendly and fast, you’re losing ground.

They value technology.

To Millennials, technology is reality. They’re glued to their devices. Amazingly, 53% of them would rather give up their sense of smell than lose access to their technology. Texting, email and online have their limitations, but to be successful in today’s digital economy, you have to compete in that world.

They put their trust online.

When a Millennial likes your product they post about it. Unfortunately, when they don’t, they post about it a lot more. Customer feedback matters more than ever before with this group, especially because 90% of buyers trust online peer recommendations when it comes to purchasing.

As the fasting growing and largest generation in the United States, the time to embrace marketing to Millennials is now. It may push your comfort level to get into their world, but it’s worth the effort. Millennial lifestyle habits and online expectations are only going to be stronger in the next generation.