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High speed Internet is as valuable to your company as electricity and employees. Are your Internet speeds slowing down your business?

Production is slowed by slow internet speeds. You shouldn’t be faster than your Internet connection. If you find yourself constantly waiting for webpages to load, videos to buffer, or files to upload, then you need faster Internet. We don’t live in a dial-up world anymore. With a variety of speeds and delivery options, high speed Internet is a business necessity. You need a connection that is waiting on you and not the other way around.

Cloud based software requires fast Internet. With cloud based software you always have the latest version, it’s cheaper, always available, and uses only a fraction of the computing power required by onboard software. It can be a great solution for business, but you need a quick Internet connection so you’re not waiting on pages to load. If you’re waiting, then you’re losing time and money.

Slow Internet is tied to bad customer service. While you may be paid by the hour, the customer waiting for you to pull up their account is growing more and more frustrated.  They move quickly, and they expect your business to move quickly also.

Video conferencing, live streaming, and online tutorials are hindered by slow Internet. YouTube is now the #2 search engine behind Google because most of us would rather watch and listen rather than read. That’s why so many companies are producing video tutorials, live streaming events, and video conferencing. All of these require a high speed Internet connection to view smoothly without those annoying pauses.

Employee satisfaction is directly tied to the speed of your Internet connection. I worked for a company whose Internet speed would drop at 3:30 every afternoon. Kids would get home from school, get online, and steal our bandwidth. The frustration level from 3:30-5:00 was the worst of the day. Employees want to do a good job, and they can’t when they’re limited by slow Internet.

If any of these resonate with you, contact your Internet provide about increasing your Internet speed. Internet Service Providers have a variety of business Internet speeds available. A quick call or email can let you know what speeds and delivery options are available.

Don’t let slow Internet cripple your business. Get the speed you need to stay ahead. Your customers will thank you with their patronage.

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