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We all know the excitement of turning on a new cell phone for the first time. The speed, the clarity, the functionality that comes with new technology and the stark contrast when compared to the slow, dated tech you upgraded from. 

That same feeling of freedom and functionality can come from a business phone. Business phones do not share the same media spotlight, but they’re constantly innovating and upgrading as well. If you haven’t lately, it might be time to ask yourself if your phone system is dated.

Your office phone system may seem up to the task, but there are dozens of simple functions available that make your business better and your life easier. So how do you know if your phone is lagging behind the times?

Here are some features that every modern business phone system should come with:

  • Extension dialing
  • Call transfer and waiting
  • Call hold
  • Anonymous call rejection
  • Selective call rejection
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding for busy lines
  • Auto attendants
  • Phone trees and menus
  • Group voicemail

If your phone system is lacking these features, chances are it’s hurting your business, especially with today’s client-centric world. Direct lines, phone trees, and the ability to conference-call have become the standard in our connected 21st century. But even if your phone has these options, there are always improvements to be made — and better phone functions make running your business and managing clients and calls a breeze. If you’re looking for the next step, consider our most advanced VoIP phone system to date, Managed Voice.

Here are some bells and whistles that Managed Voice will provide:

  • Conference phones
  • Advanced call routing
  • Phone management console
  • Unlimited long distance
  • Business group dialing
  • Listen to voicemails on email
  • Plug and play – move phones without losing extensions or voicemail
  • Find me / Follow me – any number can receive incoming calls at different locations on different phones
  • On-hold music option

So now what? If you’re ready to streamline your phone system, all you need is the right provider. The single biggest hurdle that prevents businesses from upgrading is cost; servers and phones carry a hefty upfront investment, especially if you’re replacing them every few years or are a small company. Luckily, Ritter has solved this with Managed Voice, offering cutting-edge features and functionality with equipment and service bundled at a low rate for businesses of any size. You simply pay a flat rate per phone per month and that’s it.