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At Ritter Communications, we believe in the products and services we offer, and that’s no more evident than a recent move we made regarding one of our most critical back-office applications.

In 2016, Ritter began offering cloud hosting with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to customers. Shortly after developing the new virtual cloud platform, we moved our most heavily used operational support system (OSS) to our own IaaS environment.

The Ritter OSS system is comprised of numerous servers and very large databases that interface with hundreds of users, processing thousands of critical transactions daily.  Not only was system performance enhanced tremendously, the redundancy and security of the system were advanced extensively.

The OSS system contains customer, product and billing information that are vital to our day-to-day operations, hence state-of-the-art security is a must.  To ensure this, our cloud platform was recently audited by an independent Microsoft MVP consultant who gave our platform rave reviews, confirming our choice.

We are so confident in the performance, reliability, security and scalability of our cloud environment that we trust it with this vital piece of our business. We’re not willing to take risks with our sensitive data or yours. If we’re willing to place such confidence in our cloud, you should too.

Cloud infrastructure hosting has a number of appealing features, starting with the financial benefit. Rather than purchasing your own servers that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, Ritter gives your company the opportunity to grow and scale to meet your needs on our cloud at a fraction of the cost. Ritter also handles all of the maintenance costs, so that operating expense is eliminated when you partner with us. 

When your company begins the process of purchasing server equipment, it can take months to get budget approval for such a large expense. If and when the purchase is approved, you can expect another lengthy process to order, configure and install the equipment. That process is reduced to minutes when you sign an agreement with Ritter.

When a customer signs a contract with us, they’re assigned a subscription through which they can go online and configure the servers in roughly six minutes by simply clicking through a series of options. If a customer wants to increase or decrease the size, they can quickly and easily do so through the online portal, again saving time and money.

Our cloud servers are highly redundant and contain no single point of failure with any component. They’re constructed with multiple power supplies, multiple network connections, multiple central processing units, multiple hard drives and so on so you can rest assured your data is safe.

Unlike most of our competitors, we offer customers in many areas a direct metro connection to our network so when they transfer data, it doesn’t go over the public internet. That makes the transfer much more secure. In addition, we give our customers free access to their data when they need to get to it, and the metro connection keeps transfer traffic from saturating the customer’s internet traffic and in turn slowing their operations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Ritter’s cloud solution can benefit your company, visit our website to schedule a consultation. If we’re willing to utilize the platform for our most important information, you should feel comfortable doing so as well!